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Our team of expert cyber security consultants leverage years of experience and intelligence from a number of sectors including: national security, public service operations, finance, telecommunications, and commercial cyber operations. Our advice is always tailored to your business needs and ambitions, providing a bespoke and balanced report that contrasts between security controls and enabling your business functions for your information technology systems. We are able to provide an assessment on how your organisation is currently protected against existing cyber attacks and we can translate technical analysis into clear and pragmatic advice and actions, to be used as the basis of a cyber security implementation plan.

At Edifylabs we are committed to making cyber security easier to understand; We are experienced in consulting with big enterprises, small-medium-enterprises(SMEs) and even start-ups! Cyber security/maturity doesn’t have to be a dauting concept, and we’re here to support your team and increase your awareness and capabilities on cyber attacks and defences.

Our mission is to provide:Trust, Independence, & Knowledge Sharing.
Through our three main core services: Attack, Respond, & Protect

Our three services sub-divide into the following activities:

Pentesting (or Penetration Testing)
Red Teaming
Blue Teaming
Incident Response
Malware Prevention
Security Architecture
Cyber Security Consultancy
Data Privacy & GDPR

Our solutions and services are not restricted to products from a single vendor or platform. Based on the client’s requirements, we decide which products are best suited to their needs and work accordingly. We have strategic partnerships and domain expertise with most of the well-known names in the cyber forensic and cybersecurity industry.

We offer a complete portfolio of forensic and security services:

  • Data Breach
  • Disk Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • SIEM Services
  • App Security
  • Proactive IPS
  • Endpoint Security